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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd., is a direct selling business that offers a comprehensive range of lifestyle products directly to the consumers. We are aiming fulfills the dream of every individual associated with us. Our network of registered distributors and consumers gets special benefits and opportunities due to our increasing dominance in the direct selling industry of our country.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd., has tie-up with many brands in the market and we offer their product as well as coupons to the customers. This promotes the brands as well as direct selling industry amongst the user community. Thus, we not only provide business opportunities to individuals but also introduce the affordability factor in the smartly designed convenience shopping model.

We operate through a streamlined procedure where our registered distributors introduce new customers to the company and get them registered in the customer network. By doing so, they not only gain monetary benefits by selling products, but also become entitled to various other income opportunities like sales matching bonus, over-riding bonus, performance bonus, royalty, rank income and much more. Apart from that, the distributors get the company product/services at discounted price.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd. believes in Enhancing Lifestyle & Fulfilling Dreams of every individual in our wide network of distributors and consumers. We offer a constant source of unlimited income and opportunities for our registered distributors by maintaining a complete range of lifestyle products that they offer to the customers as per their requirement and needs.

We also have a simple ‘Customer Registration Process’ through which we add new customers into our customer network. These customers get all the rights as a consumer and privileges being a registered customer. They can also solicit for the distributorship if they want to earn an extra income by becoming our registered distributor.
Region / city wise Agency (Franchise) opportunity inquiries are solicited, interested parties may contact on Magency@lifestylemarketing.co.in.         Greetings!!! Mr. Rakesh Pareek achieved 150GM SILVER COIN and NARENDRA K PRAJAPATI, SHANKAR SURESH PADELKAR, FAHIM UR REHMAN and KGN Associates achieved 50GM SILVER COIN under Awards and Rewards conditions during week 54 cutoff.       Greetings!!! The following has been announced after National Team co-ordinator and above meet on 24th July 2014 :- 1. Announcement of NATIONAL CONVENTION – CONTEST on Aahar Coupon starting from week 55. Details updated in member Login 2. Changes in Rank Income and Performance Bonus from Month 15. Details updated in memberlogin Marketing - Opportunity option 3. Thailad Trip - Last date for submission of Passport is 7th Septemeber 2014 4. Compression of ID’s – Those ID’s who have not done their personal purchase from last 12 months, will be compressed. All such Distributor are requested to complete the monthly purchase on or before 30 September 2014, else ID will be compressed. 5. KYC documents – KYC documents has to be submitted, if not submitted on time action will be taken. 6. Regional and National Committee 7. Standard BOP 8. Tashkent Trip etc.,      
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